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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank you all

who stopped by to visit my blog, and let me know that YES you could see what I had done so far. Now I'm greatly inspired to take more (and better) photos of my works in progress to share with everyone. There has also been a special request for a sub-section (how do I do a sub-section, I'm just now figuring out how to type basic posts!!!) on vacation photos... so here's a sample of a vacation pic...

Until I get around to taking a decent photo of my two present works in progress (sock using Lorna's laces, and baby afghan with Red Heart Baby soft) you'll just have to settle for a photo of my hubby and I in front of Ayers Rock (Uluru) in our dorky matching sweatshirts!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day one.... My first Blog...

I'm launching myself into the blogging world. This will be a way for me to share my knitting adventures (both good and bad) with my fellow knitting nuts. Stay tuned as I figure out how to blog, how to post photos etc.

I finished this pair of socks a while back.. it is the cascading leaves pattern from Jeannie townsend, and they are lovely and the yarn is soooo soft. It's Austermann step.