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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Knitting Project Update

I finally have some things finished, and can share some photos here.

first is my lace ribbon scarf, a free pattern from

I knit this on US size 3 needles (3.25mm) using Dream in color Smooshy sock yarn in the Bruhaha colorway. It was fun pattern, and I'd knit it again, except I DON'T need another scarf!

Next up: Crest o'the wave scarf (like I said, I DON'T need another scarf!!)

I don't actually remember the specifics of this, other than I got the yarn at Lambtown, in Dixon CA last July. Its alpaca with a bit of flash it in, it's soft as a cloud, and I bought if from a vendor from Oregon (that's all I remember!) I actually finished this scarf quite some time ago, but just got around to blocking it, after buying some foam floor pads from costco for the purpose of Blocking. They work great.

coming up next -- My blocked Juno Regina! It should come off the blocking pads tonight. Then I'm done blocking for awhile.


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